The Cobra Effect and Gaming the The Talent Game

The Cobra Effect, Gaming The Talent Game

Can a valid solution actually make a problem more complicated? In other words can you make a problem worse by solving it? It is easier than it looks and happens all the time, unfortunately it rarely gets noticed. Ah, game theory, you are fascinating!

The answer is yes, indeed; and it is called the cobra effect. The cobra effect is a paradox where the solution makes the problem worse. Just like the Game Theory, the term is originally used to illustrate the causes of wrong stimulation in economy and politics. It also applies to talent management, or as we see it in Sector Five, talent engagement.

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What does Yoda have to do with your dreams?

Your Dreams you followWhat would you do if you knew you could not fail? You would follow your dreams, wouldn’t you? You would open up that restaurant you always dream about, or maybe you would become a wildlife photographer, a travel author, an influential CEO or learn speaking another language. Maybe you would invest in your innovative ideas despite the risks or grow your business.When you share your desire to fulfill your dreams with others, you usually get a reaction like “True, but can you afford to follow your dreams?” “Well” you should say, “the question is, can you afford not to?” or in other words, “What is the real cost of not doing what you are passionate about?” Continue reading

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Three Disastrous Competitive Strategies to Avoid

Three Disastrous Competitive Strategies to AvoidWe all have a strategy to survive. It determines how we work, why we start or end our relationships, it shapes everything we do. Your strategy is either determined proactively by your deliberate choices, or by the environment that surrounds us in a rather reactive way. If you think you don’t have a survival strategy, then the chances are that you belong to the latter group. Continue reading

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How to align your business with a good cause?

cause related marketingCause related marketing is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a corporation and a nonprofit organization. It is regarded as one of the best win-win strategies in today’s economy. As competition gets tougher, businesses seek alternative ways to differentiate themselves while non-profit organizations recognize the need to diversify funding sources and develop business alliances that enable them to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions. It encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits. Continue reading

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Gamification and Game Mechanics for Better User Experience

Behavior results in experiences, experience creates emotions, emotions are recorded in memory and our memories dictate our behavior.

Gamification leads to better experience, emotions, memories, behaviors

Gamification helps improve user experience (UX) by embedding game mechanics into applications. Continue reading

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Questions to ask when you hire a new web designer

How to find the best web designer?What to Ask Before You Hire a Web Designer?

Your website is like what you wear; it is part of your brand and reflects who you are. Websites are not just for displaying information about your business anymore. Modern websites are dynamic integrated social platforms that serve as a channel for reaching out to new markets, generating referrals, converting leads and boosting sales. Continue reading

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How to gamify and accelerate your business with gamification?

Social Games and gamification of businessLast week, we covered a new concept called gamification from a business and marketing point of view. Gamification is an emerging concept that redefines the interaction on social media and provides a sustainable way to engage with your target market. The big question is: How can we add a game layer on top of your existing business model? This week, we will cover some tips and tricks about how to gamify your business. Continue reading

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The Next Game Changer after Social Media: Gamification


Gamification and game mechanicsAn interesting concept is becoming increasingly popular among start-ups as well as well established industry leaders. It is one of the largest trends of our time and fundamentally changes the way we live and interact with everything around us. It is the latest gift of social networks, it is the next big thing. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Gamification! Continue reading

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Have you ever searched yourself on the web?

Monitoring Online PresenceHave you ever searched yourself on the web? This question may sound a little odd, since you know everything about yourself in every possible detail and don’t have to ask a search engine. It may sound trivial but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your online presence and reputation. Are you happy with all the results that show up on the search?

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Why Adoption is the Key for Successful CRM Implementations?

Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems are one of the most critical components of any business. Almost every company has some type of CRM system in place but just because the company owns a CRM system it does not mean that employees (end users) can exploit the full power of the system. An implementation can only considered successful if it results in high adoption. As for the CRM systems, the first sale you needed to make is an internal sale.  Continue reading

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