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What does Yoda have to do with your dreams?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? When you share your desire to fulfill your dreams with others, you usually get a reaction like “True, but can you afford to follow your dreams?” “Well” you should say, “the question is, can you afford not to?” or in other words, “What is the real cost of not doing what you are passionate about?” Continue reading

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Three Disastrous Competitive Strategies to Avoid

We don’t really have a choice, either we come up with a strategy for ourselves or others (friends, parents, employers, competitors, etc.) do it for us. Effective competitive strategies often result in a competitive advantage. This week, we cover three very common but equally disastrous competitive strategies to avoid. Continue reading

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How to align your business with a good cause?

Cause related marketing is regarded as one of the best win-win strategies in today’s economy. There are various ways a business and a non-profit organization can join forces. But, despite proven benefits the success is not guaranteed for all. In order to overcome the obstacles, both parties need to be transparent, selective and creative. Continue reading

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